Top Entrepreneurs Under 30

Top Entrepreneurs Under 30 

Innovation and success aren’t reserved for people in their 30s and 40s. In fact, a growing number of entrepreneurs and innovators are in their 20s and below. These young adults are looking at the world with a new vision and purpose, helping to alter the way we live our lives.

These young entrepreneurs are tackling the world, starting companies, building a brand and a legacy, all from an idea. Not all of the products and services being offered are applications or software. Some of them are new ways to ship, receive, or deliver existing goods and services.

To make this list, an entrepreneur must have started a company with something unique about it. The company must have been founded by people under the age of 30. The company also must have hired additional people and turned a profit. For the men and women on this list, success has come early in life. Even the young failed before they reached success.


Guest Blogger: Author : absolutelytrue