The Dukan Diet : Weight Loss and Unleashing The Alpha Within

The Dukan Diet : Weight Loss and Unleashing The Alpha Within

“Permanent weight loss must first begin inside of us, before the external results show up. Changing your body alone creates temporary results – but once you change the internal changes as well, you are changed forever”. 
Craig Townsend 

My decision to start with the Dukan Diet came as a result of having tried virtually all options without much success.  The success if it came did not last long; instead it made things worse – the Yoyo effect.  Some six weeks ago I joined the 100 Day Champions Challenge where I am learning a lot and amongst one of the topic which has really fascinated me is the Alpha Within.

What does Unleashing The Alpha Within mean to me?  Well I understand that everything I want in life starts with me and the way I think.  I am the magnet that will attract people, things, money, abundance and other desirable circumstance into my life.

Well like they say you cannot use only one side of the knife, you have to use both to achieve your goal, so my other side of the knife here is the magnet which I have will or can also attract unwanted stuff.

I needed the 100 Day Champions Challenge in order to recognize that it’s me and only me who is able to do make a change in my life.

If I have to lose weight, it is my responsibility to come up with the best solution, to create the best time and space and to attract the best like-minded people who will walk the journey with me to my road of success – losing weight.

Dukan’s Diet is actually something I came across last year.  I have bought all the books and have read them, but somehow the time was not just right.  There was always something or somebody crossing my plans which made it impossible for me to start – I thought!

But before I start off with the war on my diet, I must first clear everything that will be crossing my path and this must begin with ME.  Unleashing The Alpha means I have to stop placing blame, I have to stop complaining and instead start to understand that ALL change starts with me and my decision must begin with the way I think.

My Unleashing the Alpha Within Will require that:

  • I make a decision what I need to do
  • Where I need to go to achieve it
  • What I want to do to achieve it
  • How much durance I will have to make sure that I make it

I want to go back on the drawing board – my Vision Board and create it all a new!  I want to visualize my Alpha Within, internalize it mentally and physically so that I will be mindset and focused to achieve my goal, my dream and my freedom

I want to start thinking the right thoughts, touching base with my source of power.  My source of power will be responsible for igniting good feelings, vibrations and emotions – my tools.  I want to use these tools to create my desire to Unleash The Alpha.

I have read in several articles that to Unleash the Alpha is to wake up to the realization of a new sense of awareness and well-being, but I want to add that to Unleash the Alpha within is not an event, it’s a process; a process which everybody will experience when their time is right.  Some achieve this quicker than the others, but again it’s not a race we are in.

I guess we can say the same to gaining weight.  If you are overweight it did not get there overnight – it was a process which got you there.  Losing weight will also have to be a process to get you back to your ideal weight.  Once you are clear about this, it is then that you can try to find out exactly why you are overweight because I found out that this is the most important part of losing weight and keeping your ideal weight in control.

Your fears, doubts, guilt and of course worries are going to be your obstacle, so you need to get in control of this otherwise you will not be able to Unleash Your Alpha Within!  You have to let go in order to master your project of losing weight.  This is the time that you have to forgive yourself and others.  This is the time to bring everything to the drawing board – so that you can start coming to terms with them. This is the time that you need to look at the mirror and say out loud – I LOVE YOU and I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY.

Only then are you able to start off with the Dukan Diet which I will be talking more about in my next blog post.

Craig Townsend’s quote sums it so beautifully – “Permanent weight loss must first begin inside of us, before the external results show up. Changing your body alone creates temporary results – but once you change the internal changes as well, you are changed forever”.

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  1. Great post Liz. Your a pro.
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  2. Learned something new! Great article. Thanks
    Deborah Seelbach recently posted…MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio ReviewMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Deborah,
      Its great to have you here visiting my blog and thank you so much for your valuable comments. I’m really happy to read that you have found some valuable content here.

  3. Gina Ghafari says:

    Hi Elizabeth.

    I love your blog and your creative spot on writing covering relevant issues.
    Look forward to read your inspiring articles more.

    “When One Teaches, Two Learn”
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    • admin says:

      Hey Gina,
      Welcome and thanks very much for visiting my blog. I am happy to read that you have found some valuable content here, and please do visit again to read my regular updates. Thanks very much for your valuable comments!

  4. Chris Bernardo says:

    Elizabeth, great value shared here, always love what i learn here daily to use for my online marketing systems.
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    • admin says:

      Hey Chris,
      Its always great to have you here visiting and thanks very much for your comments. I really appreciate it.

  5. Saqib Khan says:

    Hey Elizabeth thanks for taking the time out to share this!

    Their are ao many diets and diet plans out there (which I am sure you are already aware of) that people are literally lost! ‘Do I use this one or do I go for that one?’ ‘Is this one better or is that one more effective?’ either way everything begins from within as you have mentioned. If you can master the internal features, then the external ones will reflect that.

    Saqib Khan

    • admin says:

      Hey Saqib,
      Yes you are right, it has to start within and then the whatever decision one makes on which ever dieting form, I guess it will be successful. Thanks very much for visiting and leaving your valuable comments

  6. Great post Liz unleashing the alpha within!!
    CrazyLinkz Fowler recently posted…Traffic Exchanges: Are they targeted traffic?My Profile

  7. Great post Liz. Interesting for those weight problems,
    CrazyLinkz Fowler recently posted…Traffic Exchanges: Are they targeted traffic?My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Fowler,
      Yes the article will be a series of articles covering the Dukan diet and how it will help people looking to lose weight. Thanks for leaving your comments.

  8. Thanks for the great article.Lots to think about.
    sally magnusson recently posted…“Truth without love is harsh. Truth with love is freedom.”My Profile

  9. Curt Bizelli says:

    Thanks for sharing Liz, however health & fitness is pretty simple if one just takes the time to research and then put in the action behind it. I’m down 40# and 10% bfat on the “Common Sense Diet” – Americans really annoy me, because its really pretty simple: Eat Less, Move More!

    • admin says:

      Hey Curt,
      Yes eating less maybe some solution to people who want to lose maybe a kilo/pound or two, but this gets to be a challenge when we are looking at weights that are no longer self-manageable. Thank you very much for leaving your valuable comments here and your advice!

  10. Surely I don’t need to look at my weight; thank God for that.

    I do appreciate you sharing this however Elizabeth as discovering the aloha within is exactly what I am set out to do. I am discovering Him each and every day and most certainly I agree with you in that it’s a process.

    It had to start within myself (note past tense), then move on to use my newly acquired knowledge and the alpha within myself to achieve the things I want to.

    The mindset and the way I used to attract with my magnet used to be completely the ONLY reason for not achieving my goals in the past. I do believe with everything inside me that all are about to change, in fact it has already started and what’s even more brilliant is that I can see some results already.

    Even MORE brilliant?

    I do not intend to trade this mindset for anything ever again!

    Excellent post my friend!
    Ruan | EbooksTutorialsAndGuides recently posted…How to link building strategies – Part 2My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Ruan,
      Yes Unleashing the Alpha Within can be used for just about everything in our live starting from personal development, business, career and so on. You are on the right track Ruan and definitely you will be seeing the fruits of your labour soon. Thanks for leaving your comments here.

  11. Great resources. I recommend those as well.
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    • admin says:

      Hey Alecia,
      Thanks for recommeding the resources which I have suggested on the Dukan Diet and thank you very much for your comment