Personal Branding: 5 Top Strategies For Business Start-ups

Personal Branding: 5 Top Strategies For

Business Start-ups

Personal branding is important for your business and can never be emphasized enough.  This is because your personal brand serves as your digital resume which provides a wealth of information about you.  If you are If you are promoting your business online, then your future resume is already online growing and will be found filed under your name and found using Google search engine machine!

Personal BrandingFact is that personal branding is dynamic as it is constantly gaining importance, and all new business start-ups are being seeing engaging experts to help them with personal branding as a way of ensuring that they attract the attention of prospects and remain memorable.  Personal branding can always be leveraged by businesses to regain momentum, capture attention and even start a new business faster than their previous one.  This is because competition is high, and the best way of staying ahead of the pack is to stand out and have a unique brand amongst peers.

People do not buy products, they buy brand, and that is why personal branding is spot-on on what you are known for.  What are people saying about you?  What are they saying about your unique promise of value, what they see you and your name?  Let us look at 5 reasons for creating and building your personal brand:

1. Perosnal Branding – Expertise Status

You need to get people to perceive you as an expert.   Without personal branding this will not be possible as you will simple be yet another carnival barker in the sea full of carnival barkers.  Branding yourself will give you expert status and stand out in a cornfield as the person that clients need to connect with.

2. Trust and Credibility:

Have you ever searched your name on Google search?  If you are actively promoting your business online like most business people, then you are already gaining credibility and authority in the internet.  This means that any responsible person considering doing business with you is going to do their due diligence and search for information about you online to see if you are legitimate and trustworthy.  If they are not able to find you or experience difficulties in finding you in Google’s world, guess who is going to get their business?  Right, your competitors who are most likely more visible then you are in the search results.  Fact is that they are more professional and trustworthy than you are.  Avoid making this mistake and establish your personal brand and out in the crowd

3. Personal Branding And Be Ahead of Your Competitors:

We have now seen that personal branding is a process in which business people differentiate themselves by identifying and effectively articulating what makes them different or unique from their competitors – what makes them stand out from the crowd – also known as a personal USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

By effectively establishing your personal brand, you automatically become a red apple in a basket full of green apples – nothing left for you, but to stand out!

4. Increased Value:

Clients understand that when they take advantage of services or offers from a brand that is standing out, is that they are purchasing the best quality or getting the best services.  This means that you are able to charge higher fees – as you will be offering exclusive solutions to your clients who are ready to remove their credit cards out of their pockets without hesitation.  This means in the long run for your business increased income.

5. Personal Branding Helps To Gain Confidence:

The more successful you become, the more confident you will get.  Thanks to personal branding, everyone who comes into contact with you, including your potential clients will be magnetically attracted to you because of the confidence.


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  1. Hi Elizabeth… Branding is truly crucial and you have laid out a perfect roadmap. We do have to quit throwing things out there and educate ourselves to become a person of value.

    • admin says:

      Hi Brenda,
      This is a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the visit! Yes branding is absolutely important for any business