Novice As A Leader : 3 Top Leadership Strategies How To Overcome Challenges

Novice As A Leader : 3 Top Leadership Strategies How To

Overcome Challenges

Novice as a Leader?  Just been promoted or changed your jobs? If you have recently been promoted or created a team, congratulations to you.  This will be an exciting period for you.  If this is your first leadership or supervisory role, then no doubt you may be uncertain, anxious or even unclear about what to expect during this transition period.

On the other hand, you may be finding yourself in an exciting phase where you are really enjoying your new role, and most likely you are not thinking about the full transitions which maybe lying ahead of you.Novice as a leader

As a person who has experienced this before, I can tell you that in most cases you will only be thinking at the most of two or three challenge that you expect to be experiencing.

This article aims to give you – novice as a leader the sense of what the triple threat of transition challenges which you should expect, and more importantly this article will give you some brief suggestions on how to overcome and manage them once you have been able to recognize them.

The triple transition challenges that this article will be addressing are:

  • Relationship
  • Skills
  • Perspective or Mindset

1.  Relationship:

If you are novice as a leader, everything changes immediately when you make a change in your life, be it changing jobs, relationship, promotion etc.  In most cases things will not be the same as they were before this transitional change came into your life.

2.  Novice As a Leader – Importance of Acquiring Skills:

One important transitional change that you as novice as a leader which you must be aware of is that if you get a new role, promotion you will need to acquire new skills in order to enable you to be successful as a leader.  You must be aware that your new position will come with new expectations on you and you need to acquire, enhance or advance your skills in order for you to meet these expectations.

3.   Novice As A Leader And How To Change Your Perspective or Mindset:

Once you get a promotion, you will be getting invitations to attend meetings; you will be privy to new information and must if you want to be successful think about the world in new ways.  This is one of the most commonly neglected transition changes which most people who climb the ladder of success neglects to attend to.  It’s a subtle transition, small in form, but with the biggest impact as far as performance is concerned.

Here are some useful tips which will help you to speed your transition and to boost your leadership effectiveness:

A.  How Best To Engage With People:

Once you have been able to recognize the relationship changes, become proactive and initiate conversation with the people required.  Irrespective of whether to initiated conversations are comfortable or not, whether people are prepared or willing to have them or not, you need to have these conversations as they are going to be your means of engaging and building profound relations in respect to your new context.

B.   Successful Leaders Must Become Intentional Learners:

Like every aspect of becoming successful in what you venture into, you will need to have a plan.  I always use the saying: “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”.  Do a checklist to ascertain exactly where your deficits are – do you need new skills, new experiences?  You need to have a plan – a checklist on how to improve your personal development.

C.  Creating a Healthy Mindset:

Consciously changing your perspective may seem like a challenge but it can be done.  Use your observations skills, find a mentor (or a new peer) who has developed the new perspective, and continuously challenge yourself to think bigger and more positively.

Being Novice as a Leader you need to know that at one point in time you will experience challenges and that the most important think is how you go about overcoming them.  My favorite quote regarding facing challenges is from Seneca which says that “Difficulties strengthen the mind, the same way as labor does to the body”. 

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