Niche Marketing Strategies Revealed: 3 Best Successful Strategies

Niche Marketing Strategies Revealed: 3 Best Successful Strategies

You must be asking yourself what is niche marketing and why is it important for me as a network marketer.  Let us first look at the meaning of what is a niche market.  A niche market is a focused, targetable portion of a market.  The business which you want to be initiate will be focusing on a niche market which will be addressing a need for a product or service that is not be addressed by other mainstream providers.

This is basically a narrowly defined group of potential customers which you will be aiming to address by offering them solutions to their problems using your product or service.

When choosing your niche, it is important that you choose something you are knowledgeable about, something that you enjoy doing.  It has to be something that you really appreciate giving information and value to others.  Its always a mistake to think that it is okay for you to choose something that you will eventually be passionate about, because this will sooner or later be toiling to you and your audience will be quick to note this.

3 Elements For Choosing Your Niche:

There are 3 most important elements that you need to consider when choosing your niche area:

  • An area of high profit
  • Choosing an area of low risk
  • Knowing your brand.

In terms of high profit, your area of choice should be a ready market, practically “just waiting for your”, and your customers will literally be ready with their credit cards in their hands wanting to buy your product or take advantage of your service.

It is important that your choice of area should have low risks involved so that you are not required to make large investments in the business for example travelling expenses, general overheads, stock etc., an area where you are able to start with what you have at hand, and acquire more tools as you go along.

Personal Branding:

Once you know your niche market, you will now need to actively know what you as a brand is.  Personal branding plays an important role when positioning you strategically in the market.  What is your exclusivity that you are offering, which will draw your audience to you so that they want to get the product or service from you?

What are your customers and target group talking about you? Are you standing out in the crowd or one amongst the many?

Personal branding is what will enable you to process of developing your “mark” which you have created around your personal name or your career.  Your “mark” here means that you will be expressing and communicating your skills, personality and values which make you unique for your audience and potential.

You want to learn how to market yourself to the world.  Your personal brand will be what other people think about you, and in most cases you will not have much control over this, however you have the ability to influence over it.

Social Media Marketing Tool:

Once you have everything in place, your next step to consider is exactly how you are going to market your business.  Exploit social media as one of the most powerful tools which you should have under your belt so that you are marketing your newly discovered niche and bringing more awareness to your audience.

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  1. Devesh says:

    Those are three important elements that one need to focus on before choosing a niche.

    The other thing that is important is that you pick a niche that has low or medium competition.

    Enjoy your rest of the weekend, Eliza.


    • admin says:

      Hi Devesh,
      Niche Marketing is very important especially if you want to be successful using the best strategies. Nothing like just shooting in the dark without knowing exactly who you are reaching! Thanks for leaving your valuable comments here!

  2. Elizabeth, these are 3 very important strategies to follow for MLM success. Thank you for sharing.
    Rodney Daniely recently posted…One Important Lesson That I Learned This WeekMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Rodney,
      thanks very much for stopping back and leaving your valuable comments here!

  3. BG Jenkins says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Three very effective plans for getting anyone started with their niche, including the social media and branding.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Living the Lie?My Profile

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for sharing these 3 great tips. It would seem now more than ever that social media will be playing an even bigger part in niche marketing. See what is trending on social sites and what people are sharing will be key to buildingg ones brand.

    Tristram Lodge
    Tristram Lodge recently posted…Free MLM Leads – Is There Such A Thing?My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Tristram,
      That is very true and important point regarding the relevance of finding the right niche and using social media marketing as a tool! Thanks for leaving your valuable comments here!

  5. Jupiter Jim says:


    Those are three great points that people need to focus on when choosing a niche, especially high profit and low risk. The other thing that is really important is that you pick a niche that you are really passionate about as you have stated. Everything it exciting about blogging and marketing in the beginning. There are times when it can get to be a grind and unless you really love the topic, you are probably going to drop out as do most bloggers.


    ~ Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim recently posted…WordPress Tutorial: The Proper Way to Upgrade to WordPress 3.3.2My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Jupiter,
      Absolutely knowing and appreciating your niche is one of the most important aspects of starting home based business! Thanks very much for leaving your valuable comments here!