Network Marketing : 5 Top Facebook Marketing Strategies

Network Marketing : 5 Top Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook 2012 has done its homework! What about you?  Do you know what you need to grow and brand your business on Facebook?  Facebook is one of the most power marketing tools available for business and particularly network marketers and that is why it is important that you master this tool well.  Here are 5 steps that will guide you on how to use Facebook marketing strategically:

  • Your Mission
  • Training
  • Content Sharing
  • Monitor Results
  • Competitors Activities

Your Mission:

You must be clear of what your mission is before you venture into using Facebook as marketing tool.  Why are you on Facebook?  What are you offering and who do you want to target?  Without a clear mission, you will be experiencing difficulties in driving your business to success.  This is because you want everybody from prospects to customers and most important yourself to know exactly what your company is all about.  Obviously you are the only person who should know exactly why your company exists.


The importance of training can never be re-emphasized enough!  If you have not set this as a priority in your business start-up plan then you are most likely going to be experiencing difficulties in developing your business.  So why do you need to have training on Facebook Marketing strategies?  Very simple, its positioning yourself at the pole position when the race to success begins!  Your competitors will have done their homework and definitely mastering this tool for their benefit.  They will know exactly when and how to:

  1. Make a clear or transparent fan page which has a call to action on its Timeline picture and how to use the wall tagline effectively
  2. Value content, how to offer it and share and even get it to be shared in other networks for you.
  3. How to engage with your network who you eventually want to get into your marketing funnel.
  4. How to create powerful campaigns offering value such as gifts; free video trainings etc., so that you are drawing the attention of your audience.
  5. How to use your fan base to make money
  6. How to use Facebook to brand yourself and your business

Content Sharing:

If you have content and it is not being shared, the obviously you will not be meeting your sales target.  You have to know exactly what will make your content go viral and are there rules which one need to master in order to get people or their network sharing their content for them around?

Monitor Results:

As we all know Facebook is a dynamic place to be in and therefore changes are taking place daily, hourly, in the minute and if you are not monitoring your results that you will be shooting in the dark when it comes to using Facebook marketing as a tool for developing your business.  You need to experiment, test and track your results as often as you can, particularly if you are posting regularly on the site.

There is actually no golden rule, instead you have to find the golden middle where you are posting decently and not spamming your network.  Personally I try to post once a day and I do one article per day, and dedicate the rest of the time to inter-act with my network, share their articles around and use this momentum to develop trust and relationship with them.

Competitor’s Activities:

You need to connect with your competitor’s pages because you want to know exactly what is it that they are doing successfully.  Positioning marketing requires that you are above the game and you are only able to do this if you know what your competitors are doing.

This enables you to constantly review your marketing campaigns which you want to reach your target groups and offer them solutions for their problems or needs.

The bottom line is that you should be good at using Facebook as a Marketing tool for your business, but not the other way round that you are good at Facebook, of course unless you are training or teaching people how to use Facebook. Make sense??


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  1. Great tips in covering different areas. Helps you look at the overall picture.
    Alecia Stringer recently posted…Dubli ReviewMy Profile

  2. Oh Yes, you hit it again. These Marketing Strategies are absolutely very important. But with so many changes we have to stay on top of them before they end up on top of us.
    Thanks Eli..
    JosephDiego DiaMante recently posted…You are What You Eat, Healthy Eating’s Impact on your Home Business.My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Joseph,
      Thanks very much for leaving your valuable comments here on my blog! Please do come back for more of my regular updates!

  3. Nicky says:

    Facebook is so ahead of itself it’s untrue – the new timeline is all about story telling and exactly as you say, it is down to us now to entice our visitors to our tabs – no more just landing on the tabs we want them to.

    Some great tips here Elizabeth,
    Nicky recently posted…How to Recruit MLM Leaders|Network Marketing Success TipsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Nicky,
      You are absoultely right. Those who have not acknowledge and accepted these new changes are missing out in the game! Thanks for visiting and leaving your valuable comments here!

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    Great tips on how to use Facebook successfully for our business. Facebook is changing all the time and you have to watch what others are doing and keep up with the latest trends. Great post and thanks for sharing.

    Tristram Lodge
    Tristram Lodge recently posted…Best Facebook Fan Pages – Marketing Lady Gaga StyleMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Tristram,
      Absolutely, if we are not embracing the changes, then definitely we are missing out on our business! Thanks for leaving your valuable comments here!

  5. Curt Bizelli says:

    Hey Liz,

    It sounds like you’re on the right track. Facebook was one of the first trainings I received when beginning internet marketing. Its definitely a MUST! I haven’t studied since the new timelines, so I appreciate your tips. Keep Rockin the #TribeCSI DREAM! ;-)


    P.S. I recommend limiting that popup to one per visit. Its driving me NUTS!
    Curt Bizelli recently posted…Wal-Mart Leaders Making a DifferenceMy Profile

  6. Hello Elizabeth, a great post on facebook marketing strategies.
    Andrew Gallop recently posted…Good Online Business Ideas: Ready Made Money Making WebsitesMy Profile

  7. Thanks Elizabeth for laying out such a clear plan of action that we can follow.
    Denise Jusino recently posted…Secrets of a Wealthy MindsetMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Denise,
      You are most welcome! Thanks for visiting and leaving your valuable comments here!

  8. mustapha says:

    hi Elizabth
    i find these tips very interresting,but can i find the traffic and thank you!
    all the best!

    • admin says:

      Hi Mustapha,
      Thanks very much for visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comments! I’m happy that you have found content value here!

  9. Great post Liz. Facebook is the place to market these days because there is so much traffic. I always look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing.
    Suzanne St.Amand recently posted…The Empower Network | Hot Topic | What’s For Dinner Tonight?My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Suzanne,
      Thanks very much! I’m really happy that you have found content value in my article and please do come back for more of my regular updates!

  10. BG Jenkins says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Great article. I’m particulary looking at your section on monitoring results. There are some many things to look at that some you don’t even think of right off the bat. This is something that I’m glad you brought up. I’ll have to be more aware of this. Thanks for sharing.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Sowing the Seeds of PossibiltyMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi BG,
      Absolutely this is where you have the chance to see whether your present tractics are working or do you need to review!. Thanks for leaving your comments here!

  11. Hello Elizabeth. You provided five excellent points to maximize the opportunities of marketing on Facebook. In particular I thought your point about training was very well made. Although it’s difficult at times for me to spend a lot of time online and away from our business, I have found that the time I have put into training to improve my engagement capacity and our company branding has paid off many times over.
    Amnuai Beckenham recently posted…Natural Dyes – Absolutely Amazing Part 3My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Amnuai,
      Congrats with your comment luv. This makes it easier for you to automatically follow and share your article :) You are absolutely right, without training one cannot expect to be successful in their business!

  12. Your tips in this article are very good Elizabeth. I do have to work on branding with facebook. I will be sending a couple messages to you soon with some questions that you may be able to help me on. Thank you for giving more things to ponder in updating my fanpage.
    Michael A. Buccilli recently posted…How Do You Include These Relationship Builders In Your Content?My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Michael,
      You are most welcome and I will be very happy to help you in using Facebook as one of the branding tools! Thanks for leaving your valuable comments here!

    • Curt Bizelli says:

      Hey Michael –

      Let’s create a little buzz on Elizabeth’s blog by stirring up some convo-sation. Good to see you here. Are you in our tribe group for more syndications?

      Curt Bizelli recently posted…Wal-Mart Leaders Making a DifferenceMy Profile