MLM Team Leadership Success : The Advantages of Co-op Advertising

MLM Team Leadership Success : The Advantages of Co-op Advertising

If you have joined the MLM industry, you must have sooner or later found out that one of the most important things that will determine your success are leads and sales conversion.  If you are not generating adequate leads then you are definitely not earning an income and this situation will continue to remain the same unless you take action.

If you are a team leader and you have a team working hard trying to generate income, you will by now have noticed that there is an in-balance in your team; either you are the only one earning an income and the rest of your team members are struggling and not earning an income.

Network Marketing concept is based on the fact that you are only going to be successful if the members of your team are also successful.  Being a leader of your team, you need to find innovative solutions where everybody is earning money and developing their business.

Co-Op Advertising:

Have you heard of Co-op Advertising? The term Co-op Advertising, also known as Co-op ads may obviously be new to you, but if you are familiar with the word co-operative you will remember that like-minded people have been coming together joining forces to support each other so that they are able to fulfill their dreams.

Co-Op Ads are not new to Network Marketing, as with time people have understood that they need to spread particularly the advertising costs amongst the groups so that everybody gains from getting their links advertised and this way they are able to generate leads.  Google Ads amongst other advertising platforms is one of the most expensive, yet effective way of advertising your product as it reaches a broader audience.  Given that the team comes to agreement, they are able to divide the advertising costs between its members.

Advantages of Co-op Advertising:

Another advantage of using Co-op advertising is that it is one of the most effective ways of reaching a large amount of people at any given time, and hence enables your team to develop.  The Co-op advertising allows you to share and bundle advertising costs within the team, as opposed to you bearing all the costs by yourself.  You team will this way gain increased buying power and great value for every advertising money which has been allocated.

You team will be in a better position to purchase bigger ad spaces and advertise in places which as a single person may not have been possible.  You as a leader should co-ordinate this co-op network so that you are seeing the growth of your team and business grow.

As it is based on a win/win concept, it allows each member who participates with a steady stream of unique leads, which is a lifeline to any successful networking group.  This way you team will be seeing results and everyone will be motivated and want to be part of the network, as it is a network that is there to ensure that its member’s needs are addressed.

Sponsoring Made Easy:

I think it also makes sponsoring easier as its members will be marketing this concept to its prospects so that they are not fearful as to where to generate leads particularly at the beginning of their career in Network Marketing.  It is definitely a way also of adding credibility to your team and network!


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  1. Elizabeth, you’ve really spelled out the benefits of co-ops. If you can leverage from a group, you an spread out your marketing dollars. Good report!
    Bonnie Chomica recently posted…How To Fight Procrastination With Good HabitsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Bonnie,
      Precisely! I want to offer my group value added service which enables everybody in the group to increase their income by advertising and spreading the costs in the group as opposed from bearing the costs alone!

  2. Carmen says:

    Thanks for posting such great article. Please keep it up. Looking forward for more interesting and informative blog.
    Carmen recently posted…Tips To Become PregnantMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Carmen,
      Thanks for leaving your comments here. I wanted to jump over to your website to do the same, but the comments field has been closed :(

  3. Thanks for this post Liz, this is something I will look into further.
    Suzanne St.Amand recently posted…The Empower Network EN-WW | At Home Jobs | Dare To CompareMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Suzanne,
      Absolutely and I really would like to work it out for our team so that we are all benefitting and most important spreading the costs so that it is bearable for all. Thanks for leaving your comments here!

  4. Great and informative post on the advantages of co op advertising Elizabeth. Honestly it’s not something I’ve researched, thanks for doing all the work and offering a great presentation!!! ;)

    Julie Beachum recently posted…Free Blogging PlatformsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Julie,
      I also just came across it as I was reflecting how best to offer value added services to the team that I am creating so that we are all benefitting and earning income! Thanks for leaving your comments here

  5. Hello Elizabeth, a great article on the benefits of co-op advertising.
    Andrew Gallop recently posted…Top 5 Secrets To Building A MLM BusinessMy Profile

  6. Helpful breakdown Elizabeth. I see why co-op ads do well. Any concept based on sharing for the greater good is uber prospering.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…2 Home Business Limiting Beliefs Costing You a Stunning FortuneMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Ryan,
      That is my goal, to offer my team value added services so that everybody is enjoying the benefits of earning an income! Thanks for leaving your comments here!

  7. BG Jenkins says:

    Very beneficial tactic, Elizabeth. Great post.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Sweet Value!My Profile