Make Money From Home: Best Prospecting Strategies For Your Business

Make Money From Home: Best Prospecting Strategies For Your Business

If you want to make money from home, you will need to have very good prospecting strategies in place for your business.  Mastering MLM prospecting is a must especially because leads are the lifeblood of your business.

You would imagine that in today’s economy that it would be simple to get people who are interested in making some extra money or generating a full-time income from home, on the contrary.

It definitely takes more than that.  Let us look at some best prospecting strategies which you can use for your business; however before we do that we need to understand the elements of prospecting.

Prospecting requires a solid foundation.  Like everything you do, if you want to be successful you will endurance, consistency and persistency.  Remember those days as you were young and you wanted to learn how to swim – how to float you needed endurance that every time you go down, you will come up and start from the beginning.  You need to be consistent and persistent that with daily training you will eventually be the best swimmer.

There are five Ws and H that you need to be familiar with before you start prospecting:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why


When you want to start making money from home you have to know WHO your audiences are.  You cannot expect that your product or service will be suitable for everybody you come across.  You have to segment your audience by looking at who are the people who would most likely be interested in taking advantage of your product or service.


What is your message and what are you trying to attract people to.  Once you know WHO your audiences are, send out an appropriate message to address this group.  Let the message offer them solutions to their problems, so that you have half the work done because you have targeted the right group and your message has attracted their attention.


You now know WHO and your audience and your WHAT message has reached them, so now you have to find out when are you going to get this to them.  If you are attending for example a seminar or an event which has pulled these like-minded individuals, then this is definitely the WHEN for you.  Use this event to give them your special offer.


Your prospects need to know WHERE they are going to be obtaining this product or service in the future.  Is it available online, in a shop, office or you will be delivering it personally?


If you want to make money from home, you have to be clear that you know why prospects or customers would want to take advantage of your offer. Why should they choose your product or service?

Once you are clear about their WHY you have an advantage because it makes the prospecting aspect easier for you.  The customer themselves have come to a decision to look at your product or service so all you need to know how to close the deal.

You now know WHO your audiences are, WHAT is that they want, WHEN they want it, WHERE they can obtain the product or service and WHY they actually want to purchase your product or service so the next step is the HOW.  In my next blog post I will be talking about HOW to prospect and to close the deal.

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  1. Yes, always have their best interest and you will go far.
    Alecia Stringer recently posted…RhodiGandha ReviewMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Alecia,
      Thanks Alecia for the wonderful complement and for leaving your valuable comments here!

  2. Elizabeth, I like what you said about the knowing who you are targeting. It makes more sense to zero in on your niche market rather than blanketing everyone with your message. Thanks for sharing!
    Tracey E Mitchell recently posted…Is Seacret Direct the Next Big Skin Care MLM? – A Third Party ReviewMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Tracey,
      Knowing your audience saves a lot of time because you are not sitting and waiting fruitless for “supposedly” prospects that you targetted but are not really interested in what you are offering. Thanks very much for commenting

  3. Important questions to ask before starting a home business. The Who, where and so on. You have actually simplified the process.

    • admin says:

      Hey Godwin,
      Yes this is really important because if we do not ask questions we are not going to be able to address the needs of our prospect

  4. Great as usual Elizabeth. Always bringing great content
    CrazyLinkz Fowler recently posted…Empower Network Website DesignMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Fowler,
      Im really happy to see that you found the content of value to you. Thanks very much for your valuable comments

  5. Chris Bernardo says:

    Elizabeth, Great Strategies shared here!
    Chris Bernardo recently posted…Outside the Box to Simple Income – Offline Internet MarketingMy Profile

  6. Saqib Khan says:

    Hey Elizabeth. How you doin?

    It was a great article. Prospecting is definitely something that every marketer should learn and consider doing if they want to be successful. The idea of the 5 W’s was spot on because once you can get all these right, everything else will fall into place. :)

    Saqib Khan
    Saqib Khan recently posted…Are You Greedy? If Not Maybe You Should BeMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Saqib,
      The 5 Ws accompany us in every aspect of our life, so its most natural to find it as an important strategy of taking our business to the next level. Thanks very much for visiting and leaving your valuable comments!

  7. Hi Elizabeth,

    you know the 5W is used in a lot of different businesses for problem solving but I would never have put it into the context you have until today. Smart move and i will pay more attention to it from now on.

    Tristram Lodge
    Tristram Lodge recently posted…What Are Blogs? As If You Didn’t Already Know!My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Tristram,
      Yes I thank the 100 Day Champions Challenge who invited a power guest speak Ms Tracey Walker who shared this with us and its really true we find the 5 Ws in all aspects of our life so why not in our business! Thanks very much for visiting and leaving your valuable comment!

  8. Nice lay out of the underlying points of prospecting. I like your diagram. It’s always helpful to have a visual when needing to remember the basics! Great post Elizabeth! :) Rosie

    • admin says:

      Hey Rosie,
      Its great to have you here visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comments. Yes the diagram is self made I guess more to visualise for the audience exactly what I ment!

  9. Excellent strategies here Elizabeth!

    I am already looking forward to the How coming up in putting everything together and getting the job done.

    Thanks for sharing; proceless indeed!

    • admin says:

      Hey Ruan,
      Great to have you visiting and thank you very much for leaving your valuable comments!

  10. Radu says:

    Hey Elizabeth,
    Great prospecting tips.
    The “who” is like a lantern for your business. If you don’t know who is the prospect most likely to buy your products/services you are lost in the dark side :)
    Glad that you mentioned the how in the end. It’s the missing ingredient from our home base business recipe :) How- the attitude, the principles, the tools and marketing medium one uses to approach a prospect. I think all these create “the how” in equal messure…Can’t wait to see your tips about it :)
    Thanks for sharing,

    • admin says:

      Hey Radu,
      Yes the How is something I thought might be good to tackle separately. Great to have you visiting my blog and thanks very much for leaving your valuable comments

  11. Kent Smith says:

    Another great post Elizabeth. You nailed it when you talked about having a solid foundation. Consistency and persistancy are what brings success. Never give up mentality.
    Kent Smith recently posted…Gas Prices On the RiseMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Kent,
      You are right Kent. Thanks very much for visiting and leaving your valuable comments

  12. Great prospecting strategies you’ve shared here Elizabeth. We definitely need to know who we are targeting and the type of people we want to align ourselves with in business. Thanks for sharing.

    Julie Beachum recently posted…How To Build A List For Internet MarketingMy Profile

  13. Curt Bizelli says:

    Hey Liz,

    Thanks for the finely tuned blog post about the W-Hs. Great pleasure to read and learn from you. I’ll be following you on Networked Blogs and all that good stuff for sure. Be sure to stop by blog and show some love. YOU gave me the idea just now to create another poll which we’ve done a lot for our media outlet, but I need to do one or two for the Biz and Publicity blogs.

    Thanks Again Dear, God bless you!
    Curt #TribeCSI

    • admin says:

      Hey Curt,
      Its great to have you visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comments. I hope that you can share your idea which you found of interest and how you will be implementing it on your website.