It’s Not Out of Reach – Amazing Things You Can do With Your Spare Time

It’s Not Out of Reach – Amazing Things You Can do With Your Spare Time

What do most people do with their spare time? Largely it’s spent watching TV, reading magazines perhaps or just eating and relaxing with family and friends. This is all very good and well, and it’s great to be content to just chill out and relax in those ways. But at the same time, is this really what you’d call living to the full? The world is full of amazing and incredible things to do, and there are literally endless possibilities out there for anyone willing to go out and find them, so if you are just sitting at home watching TV then you really aren’t taking full advantage of everything to available to you.

But many people don’t think to do any of the truly amazing or truly grand things, simply because they don’t realize they can. We tend to think of ourselves as just average people who only have so much reach, and we presume that the amazing projects and the breakthroughs must be left to others with more resources or to the large corporations. Of course this isn’t true though and with a bit of imagination, a bit of drive, and with the help of technology & it’s possible for us these days to do things that we wouldn’t even dream. Here are some examples that might help you to expand your horizons…

App Development: This time two years ago I didn’t know how to program other than in HTML and BASIC for my old ZX Spectrum. I decided though that learning to code again might come in handy, and so I taught myself in a series of books on the train. One year later and I’m releasing my first apps, and one year after that and I’m having major hits that have enabled me to really spend money on all kinds of toys and gadgets and effectively hugely increase my yearly earnings. It’s living the dream but with the infrastructure already there and a huge market just waiting for you anyone can do it. And I’m not funding the next project on Kickstarter & that’s right, potentially raising a huge investment for a project that genuinely could make me rich, and you could be doing the same.

Digiscoping: When you flick though a science book or look on Google Images at the amazing images of stars and planets you’d be forgiven for thinking that they were taken from space by astronauts and that you could never take anything so amazing yourself. I recently discovered though that this isn’t the case, and that with a relatively affordable telescope and a digital camera you can take some incredible pictures. And those incredible pictures? They’re of space… Which is really pretty amazing.

Publish a Book: If you thought that publishing a book was something that only the very lucky and very talented could do then think again. These days anyone can publish a book using print on demand publishing, and this way you can even see your book make it into stores like Barnes and Noble. Which is incredibly rewarding.

Create an Invention: Rather than watching TV tonight, why not think up an invention that could change the world or that you could have fun with? Then, tomorrow, instead of watching TV why not learn 3D modelling? Then in a couple of weeks why not order your product from an injection moulding company and start selling it. Then you’ll have actually created something new and unique and you never know it might become something that the rest of us use every day…

So don’t assume that only the big companies and the genius entrepreneurs can do amazing things & nothing is off limits. You’ve just got to choose what you want to do…

The article is written by Sara Brown who authors a self development and personality blog. She frequently shares her ideas and advice through guest posting. She also works as a writer for Berkeley Sourcing Group, providers of textile and clothing manufacturing service for small business.

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  1. BG Jenkins says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Very refreshing and inspiring. I think many of us do get in a rut when we have a bit of free time we think, “I don’t have that much time to do anything so I’ll just do this or that,” and that “this or that” doesn’t amount to anything. Thanks for sharing.
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  2. Natalie Johnson says:

    Digiscoping sounds interesting to me. I am going to consider it during my spare time. I always dream for publishing my own book. It’s a dream to have my name written in a book. Due to the laziness, still I am unable to do it. But in the near future I must fulfill this dream.
    Thanks for inspiring me to do some good things during the spare time :-)
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    • admin says:

      Hi Natalie,
      I’m glad that you found the article inspiring. Thanks very much for visiting and for your valuable comments

  3. Steve Vernon says:

    Interesting article, Elizabeth, and one that can help prompt ideas in a lot of people’s minds. Now, expand that list to include things that can be done without a computer, then you’ve really got something.
    Steve Vernon recently posted…Do You Follow Your Bliss in Your Work Life?My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Steve,
      You are right – the list can be long as there are so many things one can do even without the computer.