Happiness and Gratitude: The Secret Power of How To Be Happy and Grateful

Happiness and Gratitude:

The Secret Power of How To Be Happy and Grateful

Happiness and gratitude is something I remembered sometime back  as I was brooking, not really sure about what, but I guess because I cannot remember it must have been something insignificant.  Nonetheless at the time it did send me into a deep and unhappy spiral.

If there is something that is so fragile then it is true happiness.  Great events will send us to great heights, and at the same time tragic ones to great lows and in many cases except when we suffer from some mental illness, we will invariably return back to our normal level of happiness.

I was recently pondering about this up-and-down nature of happiness and how one can attain true happiness, thehappiness and gratitude constant happiness which we all need.  The Buddhists believe in the desire-denial (the thought being that if you lack desires you cannot be disappointed), but exactly these are the lifestyle changed that has proved a great challenge to me.  The demands of the modern lifestyle are what prevents me from living Aristotle’s balanced life.

Happiness and Gratitude Learn To Deal With Positive and Negative Situations

So what is left that I can use as the best strategy for understanding and appreciating happiness and gratitude?  I discovered that the answer is as simple as the word itself – gratitude.

Happiness and gratitude is powerful and good. Through it, we realize what we possess.  In many cases we tend to focus largely on what we lack.  We need to focus and be grateful of what we have in the hand.  Happiness and gratitude is what will change our focus from negative bitterness about what we lack to a more positive approach, an appreciation of what we have.

This attitude is what lends a sense of enablement and peaceful contentment, and as a result it will erase the bitterness that we may have developed with time.

Have you ever given a thought about this thing called life?  We all find ourselves in a predicament which in itself is innately valuable.  Even at our lowest points, we should be grateful for the simple miracles of life around us.

Happiness and Gratitude You Are A Winner

Be grateful, you are a winner even though you might be in a peak or a trough in your life.  Take the time and focus on all of the positive experiences, opportunities and surround yourself with people who will be part of your life and are supportive.  As you become more and more resilient each time to the challenges of life that you deal with you, your gratitude will help you gain happiness, clarity and purpose in your life.

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  1. So true Elizabeth, happiness is fragile and we experience great highs and lows – lovely to read that gratitude can act as a balancer, it is a special thing to remember to be grateful in times of trouble and stress in this modern lifestyle. Thank you for this lovely post :)
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…Rippln All Over The WorldMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Jacs,
      Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! I have learnt over the time that true happiness is extremely fragile.

  2. BG Jenkins says:

    Hi Elizabeth… I agree. If we could all just stop and be thankful for what we have in our lives and appreciate each new breath as it comes. By focusing on those things that bring goodness and balance to ourselves and others, we are living the good life.

    • admin says:

      Hi Brenda,
      Wonderful to have you here visiting my blog. I have come to learn that we can develop an attitude of being grateful and happy for the very small things that we have.