Google Ranking : 3 Steps On How To Rank On Page 1 of Google

Google Ranking : 3 Steps On How To Rank On Page 1 of Google

How many times have you heard this – you have to write you article and it should appear on Page 1 of Google?  You must have tried several times, and depending on which keywords you choice, you will count yourself lucky to see your article on page 1 or even page 2 of Google. So is there are formula and how does it function?

It is actually a very simple process to get your articles listed on page one of Google. Needless to say this can explode your traffic to your blog or fan page which will significantly increase your income.

Step # 1:

Find keywords within your niche where there is not much competition and one which you have a good chance of getting ranked highly on Google.

You will need the Google Keyword Tool and this time let us assume that you want to go after the word Internet Marketing.  Your keyword research will give a large number of searches, however with the quotation marks Google results shows the competition for various combinations of that keyword.

If you are generating results which is for example 36 million other websites that have exactly those specific keywords on their website and blogs then this will not be a good keyword for us to go after.

However when you go down in the Google Keyword tool you will see other suggestions from Google which also show the amount of monthly searches.  We are looking for total searches of 5.000 – 30.000 monthly.

Review the searches to find interesting keyword for example – Business Internet Marketing is a phrase does make sense and one that will fit in our original goal of using Internet Marketing.  These types of searches are called broad searches where you are seeing results ranging from 8.000 within the phrase.

Once you have decided on your keyword or keyword phrase, then you your next step will be writing an article.

Step #2:

Writing an article will be based on using your chosen keyword or keyword phrase.  Most important is that your keyword must be in:

  • The title of your article
  • The first sentence of your article
  • List your keyword 3 – 5 times within your article – keep this in balance too much of it will get Google penalizing you
  • Your article is between 300 – 500 words

Step #3:

So now you have written an article using your keyword phrase and most likely you are ranking on page 1 row now 1 so what happens next?  The most likely reason why you want to rank on page 1 row 1 of Google is that you want to make money.  Let us now look at the article from two perspectives:

a)     The first perspectives are those who have one company or product that they are trying to sell to every person that comes along. No the company or product are certainly not a good fit for many of your prospects but you only have the one option for your prospect.

b)    The second perspective – regardless if you have a company or product or not we must realize that the Internet and social media is all about relationships. It’s about putting the proper tools into your customers’ hands that TRULY help them to achieve the success they desire.

So the second perspective will accomplish several key elements that help to explain the success of those who implement it.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Seo and organic leads has been area that is challenging for me. Thanks for the simple breakdown. Each time I visit this topic,It becomes alot clearer.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Daria Jackson-Legagneur recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G Android Phone, White (Sprint)My Profile

  2. Akos Fintor says:

    Elizabeth, SEO and keyword researching is actually sort of a fun challenge, and not difficult once you learn the ropes (or read your post). It’s worth your time selecting the best keywords or keyword phrases in your articles… if it will bring you up in the ranks on GOOGLE..Especially to #1. Your post was easy to follow & understandble. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Akos,
      Thanks very much for visiting by blog and leaving your valuable comments! That is very true that we must learn to master SEO and keyword research if we want to be successful!

  3. Ruth says:

    Hey Elizabeth, ranking on google is a skill that once mastered will bring in endless leads and sales. Thanks for sharing these steps.
    Ruth recently posted…Does Attraction Marketing Work For Network Marketing?My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Ruth,
      Absolutely right! That should be the goal of every business because its one way of increasing sales. Thanks for visiting and leaving your valuable comments!

  4. lucy says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    This is a great post that has simplified what really looks difficult and far from being achievable.Personally I require it . Well done Elizabeth
    lucy recently posted…Home Network Online Business : 3 Successful Online Marketing StrategiesMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Lucy,
      Thanks very much for leaving your valuable comments here! I’m very happy to see that you have found the article of value to you.

  5. Thanks for making it look so straight forward and simple.
    Alecia Stringer recently posted…Dubli ReviewMy Profile

  6. BG Jenkins says:

    Hi Eizabeth,

    Amazing information. I didn’t realize I didn’t get this one. Anyway, thanks for schooling us on how to get ranked. We really appreciate it.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Star CrossingMy Profile

  7. Your are right Elizabeth! Keyword research is so important. I am finally coming to using SEO on my blog posts. Thanks for sharing!
    Tracey E Mitchell recently posted…7 Pointers For Accelerating Your Home Business SuccessMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Tracey,
      Thanks very much for leaving your valuable comments here on my blog post!

  8. Hi Elizabeth,

    These are 3 great steps for anyone who wants to rank on Google. By followiong what you have mentioned people do stand a good chance of getting ranked. Thanks for sharing.

    Tristram Lodge
    Tristram Lodge recently posted…Network Marketing Advertising – An Easy Way To Be ProfitableMy Profile

  9. Ken says:

    Great information Elizabeth. I am definately starting to pay more attention to the key word research. Thanks.
    Ken recently posted…MLM Secrets-My Biggest Take Away From No Excuses 3My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Ken,
      Keyword and keyword research is the rule of the game for successful business! Thanks for leaving your comments here!

  10. Liz, using the right keyword or keyword phrase can make or break a post. It is so important that you choose keywords that people are going to search. Placing those keywords in the right place matters just as much. Well said Liz. Great post.
    Suzanne St.Amand recently posted…The Empower Network Blog | Your ‘How To’ Guide To Even More TrafficMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Suzanne,
      Absolutely keyword and keyword phrase must embrace exactly what your audience are looking for, otherwise you loose out! Thanks for leaving your comments here!

  11. Joseph Skoda says:

    Great Point Elizabeth. Keyword Research has to be done effectively BEFORE writing your article to ensure it gets proper placement in the Search Engines!
    Joseph Skoda recently posted…Veterans Make The Best Network MarketersMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Joseph,
      Exactly without proper keyword research you are not able to know exactly what is it that prospects are looking for. Thanks for leaving your valuable comments here!

  12. Great post Elizabeth.. Organic traffic from search is by far the best and once you have it game is over!! Thanks for sharing with us this startegy. You are helping many!!
    April Marie Tucker recently posted…Pinterest Marketing ~ How to create unique images that generate loads of leads on PinterestMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi April,
      You are abosolutely right about the organic traffic being the most important part of Google ranking. Thanks very much for leaving your valuable comments here!