Email Marketing Campaign: 6 Best Ways of Running Successful Campaign

Email Marketing Campaign: 6 Best Ways of Running Successful Campaign

Network marketers have come to acknowledge the importance of email marketing campaign as necessary for their business.

Email Marketing campaign involves collecting clicks, replies and forwards, sparking action among your potential and loyal customers.

How Can You Create A Distinctive Email Maketing Campaign That Does Not Find Its Way In Spam Boxes?

How many times have you heard from your potential customer when you ask them whether they received your offer?  Most of the times these emails land in their spam boxes which is annoying taking into consideration the amount of work involved.

Running successful Email campaigns will require:

  • Good Timing
  • Additional Value
  • KISS
  • Killer Title
  • The 3 Ps: Positive Practical and Personal
  • Don’t Become A Pain in The B***T

Good Timing:

If you want to be successful with your email marketing campaign then you have to send them out at the right time. There is no need writing an excellent email only to send it at the wrong time.  You have to be strategic know your customer and their activities so that you avoid sending them an email for example during the period that they are busy launching a new product.

Additional Value:

When sending out emails to your customers you want to provide them additional value.  Sending too many emails without much content will annoy your customers and most likely get them to unsubscribe which leaves you with a reduced number of subscribers.  This is where you are able to ask yourself how you can use your email campaign to provide added value to your customers at no extra cost.

KISS – Keep It Short and Simple:

If there is nothing terrible is receiving endlessly long emails giving all the news in details which means that your customer will not have any reason for contacting you.  You have to Keep It Short and Simple.  It is better to give some highlights, and keep the customers hooked and wanting to contact you to get more information.

Killer Title:

How many times have you received “grey mouse” titled email address and the first thing you did was to delete it without even reading the content?  If you are familiar with this, then you know that when you are sending out your emails, it is important that you create a killer title which will attract their attention and will get them to read the content.  Email campaigns that have strong headlines, headlines which are intriguing, straight to the point and witty have a much better conversion rates.

The 3 Ps: Positive Practical and Personal:

The 3 Ps stands for Be Positive, Practical and Personal.  This approach will make your email marketing campaign into interesting content which receipts will really value when they receive.  I have some of my subscribers sending me back feedback about emails which I wrote that made them laugh, even though they were not ready to purchase.  The fact that you are interacting with them, offers you the opportunity to build relationship and rapport with them.  This makes it lighter for your next approach when you offer them a product or service which they find interesting.

Don’t Become A Pain in The B***T:

Yes you have read correctly.  There are people who can be a real pain in the b****t when it comes to what intervals they will be sending you their newsletters or email campaigns.

Make sure that you avoid sending your newsletters too frequently as most people do not have the time to read, but if you have interesting news to send on a weekly basis, and instead use Facebook or Twitter to communicate daily updates, this way you have a healthy balance of communicating going to your customers.  You can use your email campaigns to send every 14 days or monthly useful and interesting information which will be of value to your customers.


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  1. Raena Lynn says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Your suggestions for an effective email marketing campaign are very useful and helpful. Email marketing is one of the most important ways to connect with your subscribers and develop relationships. I especially like the three P’s, positive, practical and personal.

    There have been rumors that email marketing does not work because marketers these days are on email overload. I disagree. If you are consistent and provide quality content with great headlines, it is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your list and build trust. Think about who’s emails you open?

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted…youtube first page Rank Is PossibleMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Reana,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comments. You are absolutely right. We should concentrate on quality emails instead of quantity which ends up annoying our email subscribers

  2. Emails is a great way to begin your relationships. Just keep it up.
    Alecia Stringer recently posted…Understanding Network Marketing AdvertisingMy Profile

  3. Robert says:

    Nice Blog post Elizabeth.
    I have heard that the best time to send your email out is around 7-7:30 am eastern time.
    Robert recently posted…Secret Investment Strategies of the Ultra WealthyMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Robert,
      That’s a nice tip as well – thanks to the autoresponder one can schedule the times as well. Thanks for your comments!