Effective Leadership: 3 Successful Strategies For Future Leaders

Effective Leadership: 3 Successful Strategies For Future Leaders

Effective Leadership is relative and definitely a matter of perspective.  It’s a strange coincidence that the other day I came across an interesting quote of Warren Bennis “The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership.  That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.”  This made me reflect especially because I have heard people claim so many times that leaders are born.

A good leader is one that keeps open perspective on human nature, knowing the different needs of the team members which will definitely make the decision making process easier.

Effective leadership is developing motivation goal-oriented characteristic which will help people achieve their objectives.  It pushes an individual to work hard at achieving his or her goals. That is why an executive must have the right leadership traits to influence motivation. However, there is no specific blueprint for motivation.Effective Leadership

Effective leadership strategies should aim to inspire people to achieve incredible things.  This requires first and foremost that you understand that a leader is not a manager and if you want to become effective at leader, you will need to learn to lead instead of solely managing.  This requires that you start to see the forest – not just the trees.  Here are some useful strategies which will help you become more efficient at leading:

Create Excellent Communication Skills:

Most people seem to ignore this important aspect – which will determine your success or failure – communication.  Communicating successfully is the first thing you must do as a leader.  You need to learn to talk directly to all the members of your team.  You cannot disregard all the others and simply talk to your team leaders only.  You need to offer encouragement to people and not overlook anybody who may need your help.  Communication is also one of the best ways of building trust so spread your wings.

Communication is not one way traffic – you also need to learn to listen as this is equally critical as talking.  Everybody has a story to tell, you need to listen in order to learn more about their capabilities, their fears and what makes them happy.

This is one of the best ways of identifying the skills they might need to improve and you can help them, which will be very motivational.

Effective Leadership Requires Good Delegation Skills:

If you are one of those leaders who are not able to delegate tasks simply because you believe that nobody can be able to do the task better than you, or you are simply worried because you feel that you are giving part of your powers up, then you have a problem!  The duty of a leaders is to look at the bigger picture – you need to have lots of time to create strategies and to move the ship in the right course and most important to ensure that daily operations are running accordingly.  You want to be a leader and not a manager who is always scared of giving up powers and losing his job!

You want to show members of your team that you have faith in them, and that is one of the aspects of delegating duties.  It’s a way of improving the confidence and the moral of your team.  This is absolutely crucial if you want to be an effective leader because one of your responsibilities will be is to help people develop and improve so that they can surpass the standards which you have set.

Effective Leadership Means Creating Great Working Environment

Your staff members will be too scared to come and talk to you in a rigid, uncomfortable work environment, making it counter-productive.  There are so many reasons or problems which are bound to crop up and which will have immediate effect on the team’s results simply because your team members or staff are most likely not feeling comfortable disclosing things you might not want to hear.  You need to be flexible and also to make sure that people feel comfortable coming to speak with you.  Your aim for effective leadership should be to build a place where people actually want to come to work and you will aim to provide the inspiration that people need to improve their performance because they want to achieve better results.

You have to get out of the manager role and get in the role of an effective leader whose main function is completely different from that of a manager, a leader whose ultimate job is to ensure that your team provides long-term results, and at the same time making sure that daily operation are running smoothly.

Remember Warren Bennis’ quote – people are not born leaders, people become leaders.  You must know your identity, your needs and you must have the strong urge to walk the extra mile in order to achieve your goals and only this way are you able to motivate others effectively.

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