Become Unstoppable: 6 Top Strategies on How To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Become Unstoppable: 6 Top Strategies on How To Step

Out of Your Comfort Zone

Become unstoppable can be easier said than done, especially if it requires that you must take steps out of your comfort zone.  It easy for people to ask you “have you noticed that the instructions on how to get out of the comfort zone is outside of the carton” does not make it any easier for you to take that big step.

Actually when you think about it, the comfort zone is where you find comfort, you know your way around, you are Become Unstoppablecomfortable with everything around you, the only problem is that you have a feeling that you are going round and round in circles and never getting anywhere. Its logic the carton in itself does not have any space, so you find yourself terribly limited and constantly missing out on opportunities

There are so many advantages and reasons for you to start to consider of stepping out of that comfort zone.  Just imagine what a whole new world of excitement, passion, the wonderful experiences, new friends, not to mention financial opportunities and knowledge that you will be adding to your life – amazing! To sit back, take advantage of these benefits by embracing them into your new world.

Remember the famous motivational quote that says that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.  Let us look at our 6 top strategies on how to become untoppable by stepping out of the comfort zone.

1. Become Unstoppable Begins With Positive Thoughts:

You need to start to develop a positive way of thinking and viewing things as this is one sure was of how you can start to become unstoppable.  This is the best way of overcoming your fears as you focus positively that things will work out instead of concentrating on how things will go wrong.  Have faith that this new opportunity will bring you a new comforting place and of course success.

2.  Power of Imagination:

Start off with the imagination of how life will look like when I become unstoppable.  There is nothing so power like imagination and the lack of it is what limits us from gaining success and taking advantage of opportunities that will be coming with it. Learn how to stretch your imagination by trying out something new, like new activities and discover how much fun you will be experiencing from them.

3.  Take Baby Steps:

One of the most important tips when it comes to expanding your comfort zone is to tread lightly. If you expect too much too soon, you may shock yourself and go running straight back to your carton.  Start of with baby steps, get the feel of your new environment by taking time to observe and to make the relevant changes when need before taking the next step.  Remember that each step you take is a step forward.

4.  Become Unstoppable Means Accepting Help:

Do not hesitate to ask friends and family for help, as most likely they will be happy to help you.  Let them know that you are working your way out of the comfort zone so that they can be your anchor especially in stressful situations which you might encounter.

5.  Innovation – Do Something New:

Be innovative by doing some completely new which you have never done before.  Try out a new fashion, new hairstyle or even a new restaurant offering foods that you never could imagine to be tasty.  Try to do something differently each day, and soon you will be looking forward to your daily new adventure life

6.  Make New Friends:

If you want to become unstoppable, learn to be open to accepting new friends and acquaintances in your life.  Strike up casual    conversations with people around you. You never know when you might be able to form a new relationship, business contacts or just new friendship could    develop from it and they in turn will bring more enrichment in your life giving you a chance to enjoy your experiences out of your comfort zone

There are no known rule on how to step out of the comfort zone, just guidelines on how to go about it.  Your main goal for stepping out of the comfort zone is to be happy in life and if you are happy in your comfort zone, then there is absolutely no need for you to expand it aggressively against your wishes.


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  1. Yinka Dixon says:

    This is such an insightful write-up. Accepting help is so important to avoid burn-outs. As always, Liz, you’ve nailed this one too.

    • admin says:

      Hi dear Yinka,
      Im so happy to see you here especially because I really value your opinion! Im glad you found the article of value and yes accepting help is one excellent way of avoiding buring out.

  2. You are unstoppable! Thanks for this inspirational post, it’s a great motivation piece for first thing in the morning.
    Betsy Mitchell recently posted…Fork Fight at Trinity GrovesMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Betsy,
      Yes we are all unstoppable! Im glad that you found the article inspiring! Thanks very much for visiting my blog and your valuable comments

  3. Janet Powers says:

    Love the idea of doing something new to step out of our comfort zone – great article! Tell us more about your trip in September.

    • admin says:

      Hi Janet,
      I will definitely give you updates on my tour to East Africa. Nervous but yet exciting! Thanks very much for visiting my blog and your valuable comments

  4. Bhavya says:

    It is so important to be consistent and to make progress steadily, even if it involves taking baby steps to ultimately get there.
    Great article. Thanks for your visit on my site earlier.
    Bhavya recently posted…Story Of The HandwritingMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Bhavya,
      Absolutely, with baby steps you have so much control and also the chance to always review your position. Thanks very much for your visit and comments on my blog

  5. Positive thoughts are definitely the starting point to go outside of your comfort zone! Glad I found your blog :)
    Ambitious Curls recently posted…My Pinterest Inspired WeddingMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Ambitious Curls,
      Thanks very much for your comments and for visiting my blog

  6. Getting out of our comfort zone is tough. But it’s the only way to make progress. When I think of my toughest challenges I realize it was when I received my biggest blessings. Love the post!

    • admin says:

      Hi Linda,
      You are absolutely right! It takes a lot of courage to get out of the comfort zone! Thanks very much for visiting my blog and your valuable comments