Article Marketing : Strategies For Lead Generation

Article Marketing : Strategies For Lead Generation

The basic reason why you will be doing article marketing is to generate more leads for your business.  Not only is article marketing one of the best ways of generating lead generation, it is also one of the best ways of your gaining more authority as you are offering your expertise to your audience.

In the initial phases of blogging, you will definitely have difficulty in writing articles (this is very normal), but with the right training and of course determination from your side, you will find that with each article that you produce, it will be a masterpiece of its kind.  Before you create your article, start with the end in mind – what is it that you want to achieve for your business, how do you want to achieve it and what are your expectations for your audience (call to action) as far as lead generation is concerned.

In most cases the end in mind would be to generate more leads.  So where can one start when it comes to lead generation:

Lead Generation:

As mentioned previously articles is one excellent way of attracting leads, and with your ability to write down between 300 to 500 words about your online business, what you have learned, and what solutions you are offering your audience, you are on the way to continuously creating new articles and in turn generating new leads.

Methods That Can Help You Write An Article:

One method that you can use as a method of helping you write an article is by expanding a previous topic.  You begin my browsing the web to check out what topics which you can use for addressing your customers problem.  Expand this topic using your own writing techniques.  Here you will need to focus on one particular aspect of each technique.  You may want to create large number of article topics which you can then use to as a method of creating more articles so that if you are handling a specific topic you are able to give for example 4 different topics, but inter-related to one another.  This way you will get your customer’s attention by addressing in a block the various stages of the problem.

This way you are using one of the most popular methods of generating leads for your business.  Yet another way of positioning yourself strategically when it comes to search engine indexing.  This way your website will be gaining more authority and you will be seen as an expert of your industry by your prospects.

Article Syndication For Lead Generation:

You will have to syndicate your article to the various directories, Tribepro, Better Networker etc., so that it is be shared for you either automatically or by your readers which will automatically lead to new unique lead generation for your business.

Writing an article and not having it shared will not be of any benefit to you.  Make use of the advantages which Web 2.0 offers by having your readers inter-act with you, share and promote for you your product free of charge.

Most important and the bottom line of Article writing for lead generation is that you should remember to offer content value, offer your readers solutions for their problems as this is what will increase sales in your business.


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  1. Great tips, this is a great long term residual marketing ideas.
    Alecia Stringer recently posted…Ampegy ReviewMy Profile

  2. Yep. Article marketing is a good way to get leads for your business. So I agree with this article very much.

    Also I realized that the leads that do tend to come from an article are much more qualified as well simply because they most than likely read the article before they went over to your website…

    This is important! Well at least me it is.

    Great post.

    Thanks for sharing


    • admin says:

      Hi Omar,
      Article marketing is one way of offering your prospects solutions to their problems, and that is why its important that one master’s this tool! Thanks very much for visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comments!

  3. Eli, Like always you given you readers some great content.. Thank you so, so much
    JosephDiego DiaMante recently posted…Give of Yourself and Find Great Success.My Profile

  4. Aurore Jones says:

    Yes, you are right, creating value and sharing your content is very important to generate leads, otherwise what’s the point. Another great article Elizabeth.
    Aurore Jones recently posted…How to neutralize the pyramid scheme objection?My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Aurore,
      Thanks for leaving your valuable comments here. Please do come back to read more of my regular updates!

  5. A very powerful strategy, Elizabeth. Articles are on the web long term. They can build your reputation for providing valuable content.
    Bonnie Chomica recently posted…Guest Blog / Life Saving Writing Skills of an EntrepreneurMy Profile

  6. Hello Elizabeth, a great article on how to generate leads through article marketing.
    Andrew Gallop recently posted…What Really Is A Good Way To Make Money Online For Anyone?My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Thank you very much for leaving your comments here! Please do come back to read more of my regular updates

  7. Hi Elizabeth,

    Helpful tips here.

    As Frank notes, 1 big mistake is writers putting out poor articles. Attract leads, don’t repel them.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…3 Tips to Cut Your Home Based Business Learning Curve by Light YearsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Ryan,
      Absolutely! One should concentrate on quality and not quantity. Thanks for leaving your valuable comments here!

  8. Article Marketing is an amazing strategy Elizabeth! Great Post. I use Article Marketing on a daily basis. One mistake I see is when people use not so good quality articles. The key is quality articles.

    thanks for the value

    Bluesman signin’ off
    Bluesman Of MLM recently posted…By: In This Post We Are Going To Be Taking An Even Better Look At Zeek Rewards Marketing | acne cures factsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hey Bluesman,
      You are absolutely right, its not enough to just write articles, its important that the articles are of quality. Thanks for leaving your comments here!

  9. Great post on how to generate leads Liz. Keep up the great work.