Are Interested In Getting New Facebook Feeds Now?

Are Interested In Getting New Facebook Feeds Now?


On Thursday morning Facebook unveiled their new news feed coming with revamp of fresh features offering bigger images, multiple feeds for different interest and of course not to extra features for our mobile devices.

Are you curious and want to line up to get your new Facebook news feeds next?  Well as usual Facebook has created a site which is pretty simple – just a mouse click and you will be put in the queue so that you get your facebook news feed first!  Just click on the big green button “Join Waiting List” at the bottom of the page and you are on the waiting list.

BigSquareObviously everybody wants to know just how long you will have to wait.  Answer is as usual with Facebook – no scheduled so it’s not quite certain.  And as usual Facebook wants to unveil this at its big press event where they will begin rolling out to users at the same day.  Some people are already exploring the new features already, while others will have to wait a bit longer.

More about the new feed’s features:

This time round Facebook decided not to save on space, a simple chronological multiple feeds will appear which will allow you to sort between a range of different categories.  Friends in general, music, close friends, photos, games brands you follow which is what use to be friends.

Accordingly to Facebook photos make up to 50% of all new feed stories, therefore this will take the center stage now.  You will see increased visual emphasis which is part of the redesign which is being used for the mobile devices.




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