5 Ways To Deal With Peoples Bad Attitude

If you meet people that have bad attitudes run fast, change the pavement or just turn around and do not risk crossing their paths!  Yes there has been a huge amount of research that has been done that shows’ staying positive is better for anybody’s health.  You are able to cope better with stress – so true!

attitudeIf you have a positive attitude you will find yourself in better relationships with friends, family, partner, and your business partners – the list is long.  Your positive attitude keeps you away from judging people and getting into negative talk.  You will see that it makes your life more fulfilled, because living in the present will give you energy and joy in your life.

No problem comes when you are forced to deal with people who are rude or have bad attitude.  How do you keep your spirits up when you are surrounded by depressed people, or people who complain all the time, people who will look intensively always look for the hair in the soup, even where there is none?

Somebody who attempts to put you down crosses your boundaries. Your worth comes from you; your being, your true self.  This is your intrinsic value which if you let them by giving your power away they will bring you down.  You must learn to make it clear that why they are doing does not work for you, keep your firm boundaries and make the move to distance yourself from them.

Your source of gaining energy is by setting your boundaries and standards, as this is your tool that will help you get out of groups of people who do not respect your boundaries or have different standards from yours.

Let others know what your boundaries are regarding scheduling, communication, project commitments and enforce them.  You see if you allow you will experience the burden, heaviness and martyrdom of being overstepped or vetoed.

Here are my 5 tips on how to avoid getting estranged with negative people:

1 Argument:

One of the most important things I have learnt with time is not to debate with negative people.  Negative people have staunch views and no amount of arguing will make them change their view point.

2 Light Topics

You will see that most negative people are trigged by certain topics.  If you come across negative people, avoid engaging with them on intensive topics. Keep the discussions based on light topics, topics that it will difficult for them to start debating with you.  My strategy is to talk about the weather and in most cases they will take over the discussions and I can take the back seat and just shut down without may any concrete contributions.

3 Ignore Negative Comments

If you get yourself caught up in conversations with negative people like mentioned above avoid discussions or debates.  Instead use statements such as “I see” or “OK”.  Do this often and see the people will see that positivity pays off.  In some cases you will find that your attitude will shine making negative people to reflect about their attitude.

4 Responsibilities

Whether the person is negative or not, ultimately you are the one who is perceiving the person is negative – right! Once you recognize that, you will find that negativity is actually the product of your lens.  Take responsibility for your perceptions.  Do not behave the same way the negative person does, try to find the positive aspect even in the negative person.  It will definitely be tough the initial phase, but once you cultivate this skill, it will become your second nature.

5 Reduce contact

If you find that all fails, reduce or even avoid them altogether.  Remember we said that research has shown that negativity is not good for one’s health – so do not spend your precious time and energy with them.  Instead spend time with people that add value to your life and bring along their own positivity which you can better relate to.

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  1. Elizabeth Horlemann says:

    Hi Lorii,
    How true. If we learn to appreciate what we have, everything else that comes our way we will turn to positive and even to opportunity…

  2. Elizabeth Horlemann says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Avoiding to be sarcastic is one hell of a challenge. Sometimes I find that I have spitted it out without giving a thought so I can fully understand…

  3. Elizabeth Horlemann says:

    Hi Phyllis!
    You are so right reducing contact can really be a challenge. I too had the same problem, but again I decided for myself that money is not everything. I mostly want to build a long term warm relationship with my clients where we are both adding value to each others life and business.

  4. Elizabeth Horlemann says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    Thanks so much for those feedback words! Absolutely right, and that is why its important to be with like-minded people.

  5. Lorii Abela says:

    Great post Elizabeth. Sometimes, we get too preoccupied with things that we fail to realize it only take simple ways to make your day a wonderful one. 5 Great ways, thank you for sharing with us.

  6. Yvonne Buluma-Samba says:

    Fantastic point about the mirror. Everyone we interact with is a mirror reflecting something about us back to us.

  7. Kathy Gabriel says:

    All five are good to know, but in the midst of things, challenging to remember. Frequent reminders (like this piece) often help to cultivate the positive attitudes we want. All very good, but I have to admit that my response in the case of No. 3 is more like "Really!" (Sarcasm sometimes leaks through!) Thanks for a timely reminder, Elizabeth.

  8. Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for this post. My favorites are #4 and #5. Although, I must admit #5 (Reducing Contact) is a challenge for me because of my personal and professional belief that "there is good in all people". But as I get older and wiser, I am learning that although this is true – some people are more committed to sharing their "bad" with the world. And I can choose to run in the other direction. -Peace & Blessings! -Phyllis